Myles Loftin is an 19 year old  freelance photographer located in the DMV area. His work focuses on capturing intimately unique moments through the use of portraiture and fashion photography. He has had work featured in publications such as Dazed Mag, Oyster Mag, Nylon Japan, V Magazine and in art spaces located in DC and Los Angeles. Myles loves to incorporate bright and vibrant color schemes in his work because of the way that they make an image stand out. He also loves experimenting with alternative mediums of photography such as 35mm film, and instant film because of the unique tones and textures that they produce. Art is an important part of Myles' life and as a minority artist he wants to work to create opportunities for other minority artists to gain recognition and access in the art world through social activism and community outreach. Myles is currently a freshman at Parsons School of Design pursuing a BFA in photography.

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